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Wednesday 6 june at 6:00 p.m.

Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop dance class



Barbora Palesova will teach boogie-woogie and lindy hop, which are types of swing dance originated in the first half of the last century. They are both danced in couples, but as this is a beginners workshop we will learn the basics, in which no partners are necessary (but greatly welcomed!). The music that boogie and lindy hop is danced on is simply great and I am sure that all lovers of the old American movies such as ‘Hellzapoppin’ or ‘A day at the Races’ will be happy to swing by and swing with us.

Barbora was an acrobatic rock’n’roll dancer (won several world or european competitions) and later for a year or so did boogie-woogie which was according to her so much more creative and fun! She stopped with competitive dancing and started to dance for a dance/production company Extravadansa.


Boogie woogie en Lindy hop dance class 

Leer de Boogie-woogie and Lindy hop te dansen met Barbora Palesova. Het zijn swing dansen uit de eerste helft van de vorige eeuw. De muziek waarop de boogie en lindy hop wordt gedanst is gewoon geweldig en liefhebbers van oude Amerikaanse films zoals ‘Hellzapoppin’ of ‘A day at the Races’ kunnen hier helemaal los op!

Beide dansen worden gedanst door koppels, maar omdat dit een beginners workshop is, zullen we vooral de basis leren van deze dansen en is een danspartner niet nodig (maar wel welkom natuurlijk!)

Barbora was een acrobatische rock ‘n roll danser (won diverse wereld of europese wedstrijden) en heeft voor ongeveer een jaar boogie-woogie gedanst, die volgens haar veel creatiever en leuker is! Ze stopte met wedstrijddansen en begon te dansen voor het dance / productiebedrijf Extravadansa.


Coming workshops in JUNE

Wednesday 13 june, 8:00pm: Create your on money with LETS!

Create your own money in these times of crisis. An explanation what a LETS (local exchange trading system) network is and how it works.

Matu has been a member of the Amsterdam Lets network for 15 years and has a clear vision how LETS can contribute to earning extra income, more wealth and to create local social networks.

Wednesday 20 june, 8:00pm: Tantric  Love and Activism

Combine Tantric love and Activism to improve all the good things that we are doing through a better way of loving. By doing good we can bring love to a higher level. A workshop with theory and practise that can improve your love, activism, health, relationship, life… Singles and couples welcome!

komende woensdag, 30 mei om 8pm, workshop about the universe

Wat zijn de sterren, hoe ver weg zijn ze? Hoe zijn ze geboren, groeien en sterven ze? Wat is een witte dwerg, een neutronen ster, een zwart gat and een super nova explosie? Hoe was het universum gecreëerd en hoe zijn wij ontstaan?De astrofysicus Alexandros Chiotellis zou proberen een antwoord te vinden op deze vragen, met een presentatie van een korte reis langs de buren van het universum.

What are the stars? How far away are they? How are they born, grow up and die? What is a white dwarf, a neutron star, a black hole and a supernova explosion? How was the universe created and evolved and how did we appear? The astrophysicist Alexandros Chiotellis will attempt to answer these questions, and many others, presenting a short trip to the neighborhoods of the universe.Image

Friday night music: Mevrouw Tamara en Vdrsh

Queeristan is in volle gang, maar ook op de Valreep wordt er weer mooie muziek gespeeld, vanaf 21.00 spelen er de volgende bands:
Mevrouw Tamara
Deze singer/singwriter bracht eind april haar eerste cd uit.
De CD Ik Ben Spiritus van Mevrouw Tamara kent 7 nummers die je stuk voor stuk even uit de werkelijkheid van het dagelijks leven halen, je tot rust laten komen en je meenemen in Tamara’s wereld – Laurens Willems, de Kluisteraar”
Deze gloednieuwe band, bestaande uit Rotterdamse conservatoriumstudenten, speelt haar tweede levensechte optreden Op de Valreep.
Lastig om hun muziek te definiëren, dus laten we het houden op een swingende mix van folk, jazz and drum and bass.

Jeffrey B.’s movie night Thursday 21.00

BLACK POWER MIXTAPE (2010), directed by Göran Olsson
92 minutes; In English and Swedish with English subtitles

The trailer

This film is an incredible time capsule documentary. Basically a Swedish television station had loads of forgotten film footage somewhere in their basements and they didn’t even know what it was. Then it was discovered that it was a treasure chest of material involving the Black Power movement in the United States in the 70s. Filmmaker Göran Olsson re-edited the material, and included some voice-over narration from people who are still living form that time period, like Angela Davis.

The footage is both evocative and informative, and beautifully edited. There’s shots of everyday street scenes interwoven with interviews with the Black Panthers and dramatic footage of rioting and police brutality. This is the kind of history that you will never witness in history books. Documentary films can be so exciting, but mostly these days they are so boring in the way that they are made….in this film the archival footage is refreshing- even if there is a talking head shot, it is still raw, alive, vital…..and not overly-lit, set-up and dead looking.

One person’s response:
“Rather than offer an extensive lecture on the Black liberation movement, ‘The Black Power Mixtape’ prefers to let the footage speak for itself. The footage crafts a powerful narrative that captures not only the leading voices of the movement but also the voices of day-to-day life in Black communities. It certainly offers powerful footage and provoking commentary that reminds viewers that the fight is not over. This film provides some much-needed inspiration.”

De Valreep becomes Queeristan – 18-20 May 2012

Join us in transforming Amsterdam into Queeristan this May 18-20! Workshops, performances, art, encounters, and togetherness will be held at Op De Valreep (Polderweg 620) all weekend.

Queeristan is about providing a space: not only an autonomous space that dodges logics of profit and commercialisation, but also a platform to both explore and counter the normative workings of gender, sexuality and identity. An open space for queers to set out to explore issues of solidarity in times of change, talk about privilege, power, and sex, reclaiming the crisis of bodies and minds.

Queeristan is a safe environment for queers and a factory of resistance. Queeristan wants to be a festival where dissent unpredictably materialises and becomes shareable in a performance, in a workshop, in a work of art, in partying all night long… in fact: there is no fixed formula for queeristan!

Check out the program at De Valreep here.

Nighttime fun goes down at OCCII (Amstelveenseweg 134), and starts Wednesday May 17 with the festival pre-party (featuring queer darlings Lovers), followed by a night of performance and experiment on Friday the 18, and, of course, a monstrous queer party on Saturday May 19.

Groene Zaterdag

This Saturday is another Groene Zaterdag Gardening Day. We plan to fill up our communal garden swimming pool with soil and start some new flower beds around the Valreep terrain.

There will be a solar cooking demonstration with solar cooker engineer Roland from Belgium. Renate is bringing white bean salad, carrot dip, zaziki and her homemade hummus dip. Herb is going to bake some pizza, weather permitting. Feel free to bring your own treats to add to the potluck.

Galus Maximus will provide some live music to keep the good vibes flowing.

We’re expecting some nice sun and maybe patches of rain, but however the weather is, we will be coming together.

Friday night music

Vanavond, vanaf 21.30 spelen er weer leuke bands op de valreep!
We verwelkomen Gentle Ben en The Cut/Up,

Gentle Ben (UK)

“We play gigs sometimes. We like playing loud music. We dislike recording. We enjoy cider. Our favorite animal is the capybara.”!/pages/Gentle-Ben-is-a-band-in-Canterbury/286917577992653


The Cut/Up is an indie-rock band from Amsterdam that takes its inspiration from the likes of Hot Snakes, The Afghan Whigs, Cinemechanica, Les Savy Fav, Moving Units and Dinosaur Jr. Dark and distressed lyrics find their place between puzzle-piece guitar riffs and pounding bass parts, driven by a controlled battery of drums.

Donderdag Film: Squatted Freedom – 21.00

Squatted Freedom (2012) by João Romão, 50 min.

(english below)
Het kraakverbod is sinds 1 oktober 2011 een feit. Ondanks alle conflicten met de autoriteiten gaven de krakers en andere actiegroepen Amsterdam het imago van Vrijheid. In deze film zie je het verloop door de jaren heen en de situatie hoe die nu is.

Since the end of 2011, squatting in The Netherlands is forbidden by law. Despite all conflicts with authorities, the squatters, besides the Provo Movement and other action groups, gave Amsterdam the image of Freedom. This film outlines the history and the situation now.

Wednesday 9 May: learn to build a window garden or bird house

Workshop: The art of making! 

This Wednesday 9 May, 20.00, De Valreep

Like to build a window garden, use graffiti moss, wanna draw, saw or knit? Bring your own craft project to the Valreep or choose one of our craft projects to work on! We can give you a hand and, of course, a drink to inspire you!

Our crafts projects this week: Window garden and Bird house

Make a Window Garden: a vertical, growing system made from plastic bottles that allows for year-round growing in almost any window. It lets plants use natural window light, the climate control of your living space and is hydroponic without electricity. Please take 3 to 4 bottles with you (we have a limited amount of bottles)

Build a Bird House: give the birds a house this month 🙂 You can hang it on your balcony, wall or garden, or at the Valreep!