Vrijdag a.s. Ongehoord Benefiet Punk Avond

Ter ondersteuning van de de actie groep ongehoord spelen vanavond
verschillende Punk bands uit het hele land. Ongehoord komt op voor der
respectvolle omgang met dieren:

Ongehoord is a new all-volunteer activist group who are committed to
an equal and respectful treatment of animals. With (undercover)
research at farms, they present an honest picture of the horrible
situations that these animals live in. With this fundraiser you can
put your money in both quality music and a contribution to this
necassary cause! Visit achtergeslotendeuren.org for details.

Nekromantiker (Noise Punk)
Pigteeth (Crustcore)
Horsehound (Stoner)
Klikokommando (Crust Punk)
+ more TBA

Infostand / Presentation

5 euro suggested donation.

From 9pm on


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