LINE-UP 10 feb 2012, from 9pm
*Maria Mavridou & Ema Nik Thomas, Terra Nullius (no man’s land):
A durational performance between installation and dance. Two bodies set forth to explore together from a place that none of them owns territories that belong to none leaving a trace of their fragmented acts deep under the skin without scars.
*Maria Michailidou: art installation
Maria will present an installation composed by different ornaments in black and white. The work will be about fear.
*Whale Oil: classic rock, 9.30 pm
Whale Oil are a rock trio, the children of spoof and authenticity who play brilliant riffs entrenched in a golden and crap history. They have a drive to rock out and simultaneously teeter on the edge of caving in. Their music sails perilously close to the well trodden record shop labels of pop, rock, world and miscellaneous. You need big muscles and a big heart to be in this band and an even bigger ear and brains to like it.
*Roman Zotter: action videoing
*DJ Juha (non-fiction): hyperrhythm

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