This Saturday: Michael Hardt’s lecture on Occupy and the commons

Saturday, January 28, 16.00 @ Valreep

** Michael Hardt – Occupy and the politics of the commons **

Introduction by Fabiola Jara (the Common Seminar).

With contributions from Jimini Hignett and Elke Buitenhuis from Occupy

In the last year, the Occupy movement has emerged as a global critique to austerity politics and corporate democracy. With the end of the financial crisis nowhere in sight, the question of alternatives and strategies of resistance is more relevant than ever. Is there some path out of this crisis? What next for the occupy movement? What are the commons and what role can they play in a new political practice beyond state and market?
We will discuss these issues with the internationally acclaimed scholar Michael Hardt, co-author (with Antonio Negri) of Empire (2000) Multitude (2004) and Commonwealth (2009).

Location: Social Center De Valreep, Amsterdam Oost, Polderweg 120.

Time: 16:00 – 18:00

Entrance is free


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